Jan. 17th, 2008

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First public showing of the work we are doing in the opera course was last Friday at Hinde St Church near Bond Street. First act of Monteverdi's Orfeo. I'd been feeling rather nervous about it and thus didn't mention it to anyone other than Simon, but it went so well that it would have been OK to invite friends. Maybe I will next time; we're doing scenes from the Magic Flute this term, much more fun than Monteverdi.

Meanwhile I have to learn Third Lady and be off-score in two weeks' time, plus learning the Dvorak Requiem, plus getting Vado, ma dove? perfect for chorus re-audition next week. (Um, and I still have a full time job to go to, and builders in the back garden.) Sympathy not required because after all, as per usual I deliberately signed myself up for all of it.

I should give up the chorus for a bit, but there was the temptation of singing the Dvorak Requiem in Istanbul in late February. I'll be there for four days, with only one three-hour rehearsal each day, so plenty of time off to see things. Who's been? Anything to watch out for, and what should I make sure to visit?


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